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How to make an outstanding design for your website

Oxxy platform allows you to build an outstanding website design for your website, satisfying totally your expectations to best presenting your products and services. There are many available functionalities which allow you to customize every

How to build a website for my restaurant

Have you already built a website for your restaurant with a reservation form on it? If you didn’t do it yet and search for a valid solution you can use both Oxxy website builder

5 Outdated SEO Techniques You Should Ditch

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is evolving so fast that the techniques we used couple of years ago are no longer applicable today and will not only bring to positive effect but may also harm

Why Local SEO Matters (Infographic)

We’ve often talked about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in our blog. In this post we will cover another aspect of the optimization process of your website – Local SEO, particularly the

7 Pro Oxxy Features You Need to Use for Your Website

There are so many websites nowadays that standing out among the others is tough. Having in mind that that you have about 10 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention, you need to really put