Contact form


To edit a Contact form:

  • To open Settings, please select the first icon from the element's menu.: Settings icon
  • Available text fields – customize the titles of the fields you want to have for your contact form. You can skip some of them if you want – just unselect the box next to the text field accordingly. Tick the box to make a field mandatory. Available text fields are: email, name, subject, phone, address and message (the message field is only a title not an input message text).
  • Send Button text – customize the Send button text.
  • Send email to – write the email address where you want to receive all the messages from your contact form. The email address from your account will be filled in automatically.
  • Show input fields information in – here you can choose two different styles for fields' titles – Labels (the title goes above the text field) and Placeholders (the title goes inside the text field).

Contact form settings

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