Google maps


To edit Google maps:

  • To open Settings, please select the first icon from the element's menu.: Settings icon
  • Address - write the address of your organization:
    • Centre to address – position the marker in the centre of your Google maps.
    • Share your location – to share your location on Google maps, click this button, then a pop-up at the top of your screen will ask you for confirmation. Select Allow. Then your address, being prompted by your browser, will appear above the marker.
    • Center marker – it finds the Google maps marker and centers the map to wherever the marker is positioned.
  • Description - write your address description; it will show above the marker with a click.
  • Hide control map type – this feature lets the user switch between map types, such as Road map and Satellite.
  • Roadmap – select the map type to display by default; the options are: Roadmap (displays the default road map), Satellite (displays Google Earth satellite images), Hybrid (displays a mixture of normal and satellite images) and Terrain (displays a physical map based on terrain information).
  • Hide zoom control – ticking the box will hide the zoom control that allows you to zoom in and zoom out the map. Use the slider to set the zoom level of the map.
  • Zoom control and Hide zoom control – it shows a slider for control the zoom level of the map. You can also tick the box Hide zoom control so that users will not have the opportunity to change it.
  • Hide navigation control – this feature allows you to hide the navigation function above the street view control. You can navigate the map location by dragging the map directly.
  • Hide street view control – disabling the street view control will hide the Pegman icon that can be dragged into the map to enable street view.
  • Disable map dragging – this feature do not allow users to drag the map.

Google maps settings

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