Billing and Payments

To access Billing and Payment, please open the Settings menu, located on the top right side of the HTML editor and select Billing and Payment. Under this section is shown a record of all your payments and downloadable invoices accordingly, as well as your remaining vouchers if you have any. The tabs are:

Invoice type – this is the name of the subscription plan you have chosen.

Invoice number – here you can click on any of the invoice numbers to download it in PDF file.

Invoice date – this is the invoice date with reference to the payment date.

Invoice price – this is the amount you paid for the period, stated on your invoice.

To view and download an invoice from Oxxy:

  • From Account settings, go to Billing and Payments.
  • Go to Invoice number and click on the invoice you want to view.
  • Press Ctrl + P to print it or Ctrl + S to save it as PDF.

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