Create a multilingual website

There are several ways to create a multilingual website using Oxxy:

Separate websites for every language

If you have a large site with many pages and subpages, the best option is to create e separate website for each new language. This is a little bit harder as you cannot automatically copy the design of your pages and you will need to manually recreate each new page. Then you can put country flags or buttons linking to the new websites on the top of your main website.

Duplicate pages

If your site isn’t consisting of a lot of pages and you just want to translate it to one or two new languages, you can do it by duplicating all your pages and translating the texts to the new language. Here is how to do it step by step >

Step 1: Create the website on your primary language. That is the language you expect most of your visitors to use.

Step 2: When you are done with all pages on your primary language, duplicate each one of them (we offer such functionality and you can do it with a click of a button. Click here to see how.) and translate the texts into your new language.

Step 3: Remove your new pages from the main menu. Your main menu should only include the pages in your original language.

Step 4: Create a customized menu using buttons. It will be used instead of the main menu on the pages that are not on your primary language. Keep in mind that each button should link to the relevant page of the new language. You can style it in the same way as your main menu.

Step 5: Remove the main menu from the pages of the second language and place there the new customized menu. All your pages that are in the first language should have the main menu (the menu element) with links only to the pages that are in the same language. All your pages that are in your second language should have the menu you created by yourself using buttons.

Step 6: Finally, add links to the new languages on your homepage in ordered to direct visitors to the language they prefer. You can do it with buttons, just with text or with language icons that you can download from the web. Keep in mind that it’s very important to link to every language you have, including the primary one. You also need to pin the links to all pages, by selecting them together and clicking Show group on all pages (the green button in the group’s menu.)

Automatic Translation

Oxxy provides an easy way for visitors to translate their website into multiple languages automatically using Google Translate. For the purpose you can use the Google Translate widget. For more information about it, click here

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